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Empowered Domains

We know that your business is a calling of your soul — you do this work because it matters. To you and to your community.

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, your business is the vehicle for your creative flourishing, financial abundance, personal freedom, and direct ability to be of service.

Having a website that showcases your unique vision and content that uplifts your voice is essential to a thriving business. Yet getting to that point can be challenging, we know.

The Empowered Domains Immersion focuses on these core components — your website and your brand language — to launch you on a path of soul and substance.

This process is a leap of faith, a trust in your own imperfect readiness, and a resounding yes to the universe. (YESSS!!!!)

We’re here with a net of support.

With personalized sessions both before and after our four-day gathering — we provide an intentional container for focus and clarity. Alongside an intimate community of fellow risk-takers and vision-trusters, Phoenix and Anya offer all the tools you need to create a gorgeous Squarespace website, develop clear and resonant language that uplifts your work, and find renewed direction on your professional path.

Connect with us for a free 45-min business visioning session.

Anya Hankin

Before we gather in person, you’ll join Anya for one of her most beloved offers — the Storytelling Session. You’ll connect for a guided hour-long call to dive into the heart of your work — and your words. Anya will then get to writing, capturing the nuances of your language, and the spark in your sentences. You'll receive multiple pages of core brand language that reflects your voice and vision while truly resonating with your audience. You can use this content throughout your website, in your outreach materials, and to ground you in conversations about yourself and your work.

+ Your Session Includes:

  • One-hour Storytelling Session with personalized questions designed to turn your purpose into prose.
  • Multiple pages of original content culled from our Storytelling Session and written in your unique brand voice — including tagline options and gems for your bio, and language for your mission statement and About page.
  • A read-through and review of all of your existing content.
  • A gorgeous pdf of ready-to-use original content.
  • An overall copy read-through before your website goes live.
Phoenix Rose

Before we meet, you'll have a one-hour strategy session with Phoenix to focus on dreaming and scheming the visual scope of your site — from layout to the aesthetics that you love. You’ll create clarity surrounding your unique business vision, the colors and feelings that resonate, and who you are communicating with (i.e. your ideal audience). You’ll walk away with loads of inspiration, a personalized color palette, font styles, inspirational imagery and an outline to map out your new website.

+ Your session includes:

  • The Clarity Workbook — a guided workbook to identify your aesthetic brand identity and unique offerings.
  • Resource Library — all of Phoenix’s favorite resources to support the development of your site.
  • One-hour Style + Strategy Session to pinpoint your visual brand and guide the framework for your entire site.
  • A personalized Mood Board and Style Guide.

You’ll arrive in our Portland studio and meet the other brave, creative souls who have gathered for these four days. Our schedule is intentionally crafted to be both full and easeful. We'll meet Friday-Sunday 9am-5pm, and 10am-4pm on Monday. Creative exercises will be mixed with focused screen time, one-on-one guidance will be interspersed with enlivening group conversation. On Monday, enjoy a devoted Open Studio day to integrate all your learning — with your expert guides on hand to answer questions. You'll be amazed by how much we get done in our time together, yet you'll also feel nourished and nurtured along the way. Of course, the tea will be constantly flowing, we’ll enjoy vibrant and nourishing snack platters, and there will be chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Empowered Domains

We'll use Squarespace to build your website. It's easy to use and, most importantly — to manage and grow alongside your biz. For our first three days together, we’ll focus on building a specific page (or two!) of your website. Phoenix will gently guide us through the design process with step-by-step tutorials that make the process feel fun and (believe it or not) easy. Anya will lead us through writing and art activities that support your clarity and translate your vision into engaging content that speaks to your audience. By the end of our time together, your content will sing, your design will sparkle, and we imagine you’ll be pleasantly stunned by the unique, beautiful website YOU MADE! Click here for more info + to view student work!


At the end of our gathering, we’ll toast to our success. We’ll pop the champagne, sing one another’s praises, and celebrate your beautiful websites! And while you’ll head home with a website you can’t wait to share with the world, it’s important to us that you also leave with the confidence and capability to make changes, add pages, and evolve your website alongside your growing business. Your site will be ready, but never stagnant, as you’ll have the tools to use it as a space that can support your new ideas and be a home to your fresh insights.


“I got so much clarity — like a very clear vision of the work that I am doing in the world. I came away with marching orders from the universe for what I need to actually be creating in the coming year. It’s all coming together and it feels so aligned because it is truly from the core of who I am, and we went there, we went deep. This whole workshop was a revelation.” — Annamieka Davidson

"It's been 10 months since I took Empowered Domains, where I learned to get over my fear of the technical side of running a business. The experience has been incredibly full and humbling to say the least. At times the feelings of self-doubt overwhelmed me, but those moments were followed by huge learning curves and feelings of empowerment. I am here to say to all the creatives out there that struggle with technology — there is hope. I am here to cheer you on and let you know it is possible!" — Shanna Trumbly

“Thank you both for your nourishment of soul and creativity, your fabulous taste, your patience and your presence. You have created a beautiful world.” — Cvita Mamic

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for a free 45-min business visioning session!