Writing website copy


Your story is vital and deserves to be shared. 

Begin a Word Doc or Google Doc (preferred) with headings for each page of your website. I recommend starting with the homepage and then working on from there.

I've included some tips and a few resources here about writing copy. I hope you find them helpful during the process!

Writing tips:

  • Begin with an intention. Write the following statement down and then say it out loud. 'My story deserves to be heard.' If you're feeling inspired to add a few more intentions, please do! Make the writing process sacred and special. 
  • Don't write and edit at the same time.  Get it out first and then go through it. Think quantity over quality at this point.
  • Tailor your voice to your ideal audience. Who are you serving? Then pretend you're sitting across from them sharing a cup of tea and talking casually. Write in that voice. You can write out loud of that's helpful too.
  • Write short, easily digestible sentences.
  • Go through each page and have a call to action. (What do you want people to do on each page?)

Already have a website with copy?

Re-read the existing copy on your website. Does it still speak to you? Are there sections you need to revise or remove entirely? This is a chance to do a complete inventory of what's working and what's not working, to tell a current story about yourself and your business. Feel free to use your existing copy as a jumping off point, but don’t let yourself get stuck in old, stagnant language. This is a fresh start!

Need some copy inspiration?

Here are some resources:

  • Our very own Anya Hankin supports creatives to share their stories and crystallize their content. If you want help writing fresh content, she's your gal!
  • The Communications Stylist: The one sentence that will change your (copywriting) life.
  • Josh Spector: A quick read to improve your writing forever.
  • Alexandra Frazen: How to write your About page (in a very unique way!).
  • The Copy Cure- Marie Forleo + Laura Belgray (though The Copy Cure is a $399 E-course, you can get some great freebies on this page).
  • Artist Bios: Everything you need to know

Optional Exercise:

To get the creative juices flowing, explore the following writing prompts: 

  • When have you felt most alive and aligned in your work? What did that feel like? Write about that experience.
  • What is a pivotal moment that put you on your current path? 
  • What do you love about the work you do? 
  • What do you wish people knew about you and your work?