website imagery

Begin to share your story with images.

A big part of creating a gorgeous website is having great imagery.

As you hone in on what pages will be included on your site, you'll need to start gathering imagery for each page. The more images to begin with, the easier the process is!

Also, I'd highly encourage you to begin a folder on your desktop, and place each image with a detailed name (i.e. collection-of-paint-brushes) into the folder.

Tip: Only use letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens in the names, and it's recommended to have images that are between 1500-2500 pixels wide. Let me know if you need any additional guidance on image resizing.

A Couple ideas for gathering imagery.

Taking your own pictures.

Tips for styling your own photo shoot:

1. Shoot in natural light: If you’re shooting from home, study the light and where it’s brightest (but not uneven).  Choose the shot locations based on bright and even light and you’ll find your pics look amazing. Often, this can be right near a window.

2. Cohesive color: Pic a color palette to weave throughout the image. It helps the image to look more cohesive and visually harmonious.

3.. Go Low: Squat down to get to the same level as the vignette you’re shooting. It makes for cleaner lines and a stronger focus on the object.

4. Shoot from different angles: Shoot from a bird’s eye view, from straight on and at a corner angle to see which angle works best for the product that you are shooting. (This is one of my absolute favorite tips.)

5. Get up close and personal: Sometime a detail is enough to tell the whole story–You don’t need to see the whole scene. (Think up close images of your brushes rather than the whole table spread).

(Tips from Justina Blakeney at The Jungalow)

A few photo prompts:

Bio Images — A MUST. Get someone you know and love to snap a picture of you, or you can set up your camera and pose. Be patient with this. I completely understand how hard it can be to find a picture you love, but know that this image always changeable.

Your creative offering. High-quality shots of your artwork or offering is super important. If you can, hire someone to take professional photographs for you. If you aren't photographing paintings, get creative with the set up of your offering. You can always scan Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.

Your studio or creative area. Take lots of images of your tools and space. Try interesting angles. Take pictures of your hands using the tools. Get really close. Take from above. And if all else fails, you can use stock imagery!

Free stock imagery sites:

You can find some really stellar free imagery online for all sorts of different creative outlets. The images here are all from Unsplash. Here's a few others: Kaboompics, Stocksnap, Pexels.

Once on these sites, trying searching different key words such as: writing, painting, tea, etc.

*A note about using these sites for stock imagery: Many of these photographs are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. This means you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

Optional exercise:

Visit Kaboom and choose an image based upon the colors that you're craving. Maybe it's bright colors, or muted earth tones. After you click on this image, you'll be given a color palette based upon that image. Download this color palette, and you have a potential palette for your website! Try this process with a couple other images and collect these color palettes in a folder on your computer. We'll revisit them during the workshop.