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November 3rd-5th

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We know that a website is a lot more than a handful of pages on the internet. It’s a space where you and your work can be seen — on your terms. It’s a place that gives voice to your vision. It’s an opportunity to connect with your community and let your offerings be of service.

Getting to that point can be challenging, we know.

Maybe there's fear that has held you back from taking this step — from putting your work out there in a way that feels true to you — insecurities about technology, money, self-doubt, lack of clarity about your business, or all of the other worries that can cloud our capacity to move forward.

We acknowledge these concerns and we invite your courage. We know that your work is worthy.

This process is a leap of faith, a rebellion in the face of fear and uncertainty that have kept you from doing it sooner, and a trust in your own imperfect readiness.

We’re here with a net of support.

This experience provides two generous and expert guides to lead the way, a community of fellow risk-takers and vision-trusters, and the nurturing support you need to feel ready to shine your light.

Through this process, you'll make a gorgeous Squarespace website by the end of our three days together. You’ll feel more ready to be seen than ever before.

Will you join us for the journey?


Before we gather, we’ll have one-on-one phone sessions to address any questions you may have, and to begin the visioning process for your website. Your one-hour session with Phoenix will focus on dreaming and scheming the visual scope of your site — from layout to the aesthetics that you love. You’ll walk away with a suggested color palette, font styles and an outline to map out your new website. Your session with Anya will dive into the heart of your content, offering support as you get to the essence of your offers. Anya will work her magic and generate copy gems culled from your conversation, which you can use as a jumping off point for your writing or place directly on your site. We’ll set you up for ease and success.

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You’ll arrive in our Portland studio and meet the other brave, creative souls who have gathered for these three days. Our schedule is intentionally crafted to be both full and easeful. You'll be amazed by how much we get done in our time together, yet you'll also feel nourished and nurtured along the way. Creative exercises will be mixed with focused screen time, one-on-one guidance will be interspersed with enlivening group conversation. Of course, the tea will be constantly flowing, we’ll enjoy vibrant and nourishing snack platters, and there will be chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

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We'll use Squarespace to build your website. It's easy to use and, most importantly — to manage and grow alongside your biz. Each day, we’ll focus on building a specific page (or two!) of your website. Phoenix will gently guide us through the design process with step-by-step tutorials that make the process feel fun and (believe it or not) easy. Anya will lead us through writing and art activities that support your clarity and translate your vision into engaging content that speaks to your audience. By the end of our three days together, your content will sing, your design will sparkle, and we imagine you’ll be pleasantly stunned by the unique, beautiful website YOU MADE! Click here for more info + to view student work!

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You know us, we can’t help ourselves but go above and beyond. (It makes us happy! We hope it makes you happy too!) In each workshop, a Creative Visionary — a brilliant business woman — will join us for a lunchtime breakout session to share her time tested wisdom and inspiration for our own entrepreneurial journeys. Joining us for our November session are not one, but two (!) Creative Visionaries. We’re thrilled to have photographer, speaker, and teacher Jennifer Alyse join us on Friday. (She's also offering discounted Empowered Photo Shoots to all participants! Email us for details). On Sunday, artist, teacher, and online business maven Alisa Burke will be joining us. Lunch is on us for Friday + Sunday.


On Sunday afternoon, we’ll toast to our success. We’ll pop the champagne, sing one another’s praises, and celebrate your beautiful websites! And while you’ll head home with a website you can’t wait to share with the world, it’s important to us that you also leave with the confidence and capability to make changes, add pages, and evolve your website alongside your growing business. Your site will be ready, but never stagnant, as you’ll have the tools to use it as a space that can support your new ideas and be a home to your fresh insights.

Do you have the courage to bring forth this work? The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes.
— Jack Gilbert
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join us November 3rd-5th in Portland!